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We consult internet-related businesses,
new businesses, and venture startups
to provide solutions through design,
implement brand visions,
and achieve your business goals.


Design Philosophy

We believe that your customers deserve beautiful and intelligent visual design. We believe that through our design we can accomplish your business goals, resolve prominent issues, and visually entice new and existing customers together. We are always looking forward to working together throughout the design process to find the designs, communication channels, and branding strategy that most effectively communicates your brand to your customers.

Website Design

We will design your website to clearly and stunningly present your business services and offerings to your customers

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Web Design

App Design

We will design your applications to provide your customers with a user friendly experience

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App Design, UI/UX


We will visually convey your brand message and illustrate the appeal of your services/products

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Print Design

Brand Design

We will visually represent the passion and vision you have for your brand through our design.

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Print Design

Takuya SaekiProfessional Freelancer, Art Director, Web Designer, UI Designer

My Profile

Saeki graduated in 2002 from the Japan Design Academy and began working for multiple advertising and design agencies.In 2005, Saeki assumed the role of a director at at KDDI Web Communications Inc. As the Director, he was placed in charge of designing a wide range of print and digital marketing material for companies such as CPI and Jimdo.

He began his own design agency Smooth and Friendly in 2012 with the goal of developing beautiful designs on his own. Since then he has worked alongside 25+ businesses to develop magazine advertisements, catalogs, brochures, flyers, web pages, and smartphone apps. Saeki has an extensive background in print and web design. He excels in working alongside businesses for project planning, developing design concepts, visual direction, and branding material.

We consult internet-related businesses, new businesses and venture startups and provide solutions through design.


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